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Monday, 2016-02-08, 9:12 AM
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Project FrontWar

FrontWar - War is coming, Your Way!

Estimated Release Date:   2015 (Alpha Build may be launched sooner for Testing) 

Development Log:
Curious about FrontWar's Development Status and about what's going on and it's Current Status? Feel free to go here and view our Development History Log to stay up to date.


Back in the Day our Platoon had been out for a morning patrol of the Restricted AirBase we'd been previously been assigned to. All seemed well until suddenly something strange happened that changed things, it changed us, and it changed the way we think about war. You had turned your head to an unfamiliar sound only to notice a peculiar burst of blue light out of the corner of your eye as a soldier that mirrored yourself stepped through the fluorenscent cloud, gun-in-hand, he threw a grenade at you then open-fired with live ammunition rounds! You managed to dodge the bullets with some quick thinking thus ducking behind some nearby rock but there was not enough time to fully dodge the explosion of the grenade that had already reached the other side. It wasn't enough to kill you but the next thing you knew everything was vague as you got dragged away by one of your squadmates...

                 " It's Hell on Earth in these Desolated Lands...and we've been fighting these 2 Mirror Worlds trying to take over Our's so now's the time to Rise Up and Fight Back! "
                 " Now get your Ass, Get out there and help Win this one for Us! "

You awake a few minutes later...

Your vision stirs and then comes back into focus with your surroundings becoming clearer again.....

It is the year 1953 and yet strangely again you think how could this be as it is not. You'd never thought something like this could be possible but yet some how, some way, it is. As you stagger to your feet and peek out of the medics tent to grasp what is happening you realize there is a higher power involved. Off in the distance you notice as what appears to be portals opened to 2 otherly similar worlds the same as your own. A mirror of ours oddly enough but each lies within a different dimension with soldiers attacking, pouring through, we might stand up and fight to take what's ours and close these portals or thing's will never be the same again. 

Apparently to your knowledge after fighting and a little bit of thinking it was soon known through the widespread panic during the heat of the war which spread quickly it was soon noted that we are all on the same universal spectrum. As it turns out someone on each of these Worlds at the same time had discovered how to build a portal and by accident they had traveled through a path to the 2 other worlds. These 2 other Worlds were the same and yet different. Because of this, each world realized there was more out there and so they wanted more for the taking. This only fueled the thirst for armies to rise up and to conquer alll, to take over the other 2 worlds and rule them as one. This all happened in an accidental Area 57 Experiment which lead to the disaster during the World War II Era which was originally intended to try to save lives by porting soldiers to war to attempt to end the war quicker but something went wrong, completely wrong, opening up a Worm Hole leading to the war that is known today. 

This wasn't World War I, it surely was not World War III, nor was it World War II despite being in this Era...

It marked the dawn of a new Battle and a fight against global domination and thus began the TriWar - War of the 3 Worlds.....


Choosable Viewpoint - It will be FPS/3rd Person which you can swap between the two depending on your style.

Fully Customizable Cross-Class Playable Characters - There will be 5 classes to choose from to start with, however, unlike traditional games, in our game you can step foot outside your class into other classes such as mixing medic abilities with that of an engineer. The choice is ultimately up to you.

Crazy and Insane Customizable Weapons - There will be around 15 weapons available for initial use, 5 will be your normal everyday weapons of war, the other 5 will have futuristic and crazy powers to put to use. The last 5 of which will be hidden in the game but once you find them, they're yours to keep and they're fully customizable.

Specialized Maps - I'm going to make and start off with 3 massive maps to wage war on with carefully placed objects and buildings to create that much needed warfare feel. Eventually I will add more maps later on.

Factions and Clans - Yes you will be able to form your own clans/guilds. The game will also feature 3 factions which will be the traditional blue vs red team but I wanted to throw in a 3rd colored team as a third wheel for added crazyness and an extreme challenge to put even the most pro gamers to the test.

Weather System - The game will feature a weather system in play as well as the all-new inclusion of day/night and seasoned weather battles to create interesting warfare challenges which will ultimately affect how you play.

Vehicular Combat - There will be a tank, a plane, a helicopter, a jeep, and a fourwheeler for use. The tank, plane, and fourwheeler will seat 2 players and the other 2 will seat 2 plus an addition 2 passangers. I also would like to include 2 hidden vehicles that can be found lying around but these are yet to be named but are in consideration.

Full Destruction - The game will feature destructible buildings, damage points, land damage points, and explosions as such and more.

Game Modes - It will feature 2 normal game modes and 1 additional game mode (3 total). The first being Warfare - regular war of 3 factions vs each other. The second will be CTF, and the third i'm not mentioning just yet. There will also be FFA for those all-out soloists of course.

Online Play - The game will include online multiplayer and offline multiplayer approximately 18 players or more if all goes well but the mobile versions may have to allow less possibly. It will also be synced to a leaderboard for both clans and soloing stats. And yes it will be syncable and postable to FaceBook as well.

And More - I have a few additional ideas of the game that I plan to implement once I get the beta going and those will be announced at a later date. 

What we need help with:

- 1-2 Level Designers to assist me.

- 3-5 Modellers/Texturers for buildings, textures and such.

- 2 Programmers/Scripters (to give you an idea of what i'll definitely need scripted go here -

- and 1 Musician


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